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QUACK! (Star Reach Prod.)(1976) (b&w)
1(1.25cv) vf7 Brunner, 1st prt,
  12pg. Dave Stevens art, Chaykin	        18.95

QUADRANT (Quadrant Pub.)(1983)
3(1984)(1.95cv) nm9 Peter Hsu cv/art,
  b&w, adults only	        15.95

17(1988)(1.75cv) nm/mt9 (9.8)
  1st Rorschach in DC Universe	        27.95

QUICK DRAW McGRAW (Dell)(1959)
2(1960)(.10cv) vg6 Augie Doggie	          9.50
3 gd/vg7 Hanna-Barbera	          6.95
3 vg8  ¼”spn.roll, Hanna-Barbera	          8.95

1(.15cv) vf8 Hanna-Barbera	        29.95