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UFO & ALIEN COMIX (Warren)(1977)
1-shot(1.50cv) vg6 Toth, Severin art	          4.95

UFO UNIVERSE (Charlotte Mag. Corp.)(1992)
v.2#4(Win.93)(3.95cv) fn9 alien abduct        3.95

ULTRA FAN (Daikaiju Enterprises)(1996)
1(2.95cv) gd8 Japanese TV sci-fi	          3.95
2 gd7 giant monsters & more	          3.50

(Undying Monsters)(2011)
1(9.95cv) vf10 Curse of the Demon cv         9.95

(32pg. b&w convention book)
Sept.24-26 fn9 entertaining	          3.95

1(1.00cv) vg7 Freas/Romita cv., N.Adams, 
  Williamson, Frazetta, Brunner rpts	          6.95
1 fn/vf7 Adams Frazetta Brunner rpts	        13.95
2 vf7 Brunner, Kaluta, Prez art	        13.95
4 fn/vf6 Corben art, Brunner cv	          7.50
4 fn/vf7 Corben art, Brunner cv	          7.95
4 vf6 Corben art, Brunner cv	          9.95
4 vf7 Corben art, Brunner cv	        10.95
5 fn7 Chaykin art, Kaluta text illos	          6.50
6 gd7 Brunner cv, final issue	          2.95
6 fn7 Brunner cv, final issue	          8.95
6 vf6 Brunner cv, final issue	        13.95
SPECIAL(1976)(1.25cv) Newton painted cv
1 gd/vg8 unnecessary tape inside btm.spn	          4.95
1 vg7 Buscema, Kaluta, Nino art	          5.95
1 fn7 Buscema, Kaluta, Nino art	          8.95
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction
Complete set of 7, #1,4,Spec.1 vg/fn, 
  2,5,6 fn, 3 vg	        39.95
Complete set of 7, #1-6, Spec.1 all fn	        47.95
Note: #3 Harlan Ellison, Frank Herbert, Larry 
  Niven adaptations & Morrow, Perez, Nino art

US (Pop/Entertainment/Gosip mag.)
v.3#3(1979)(.75cv) fn8 Rod Stewart	          2.95

(over-sized, British adult humor/parody 
comic stripe mag. paper cv.)
4(1992)(3.00cv) nm9 adults only	          2.95