Betty Boop's Sunday Best: The Complete 
Color Comics 1934-1936 by Max Fleischer 
(Kitchen Sink Press)(1995)(19.95cv) 112pg. 9x12" s/c vf 9.95

Forrest J. Ackerman, Famous Monsters of Filmland 
(Imagine)(1986)(10.95cv) 152pg.b&w w/8pg.color, s/c fn/vf 24.95

Frankenstein w/Bernie Wrightson art (Marvel)
(1983)(8.95cv) 194pg.b&w, Mary Shelley sty,
Stephen King intro, 1st prt. s/c fn 29.95

Color Collectors Guide (Archival Photography)
(Winter 1990)(7.95cv) 80pg. color/b&w, forward 
by Forrest J Ackerman, horror, Sci-Fi, movie
posters & lobby cards, magazine, vf 14.95

Black Hole, The (Golden Book)(1979)(1.50cv)
Walt Disney adapt. graphic novel s/c 
vg 5.95
fn/vf 11.95

Flash Gordon the Movie (Golden)(1980)
(1.95cv) square-bound graphic novel adapts
movie, Al Williamson art, 11294 vg/fn 5.95

Clash of the Titans (Golden Book)(1981)
(2.50cv) graphic novel, movie adaptation,
vg 5.95
fn/vf 11.95

Gremlins: Illustrated Movie Adaptation 
(Golden)(1984)(2.95cv) graphic novel vf 7.95

Book of Alien (Simon & Schuster)(1979)(7.95cv)
by Paul Scanlon & Michael Gross, sqr.bnd.s/c
color/b&w, photos/sketches fn/vf 17.95

Alien (Avon Books)(1979)(8.95cv) over 1,000
color photos, sqr.bnd.s/c fn/vf 17.95

Blondie Coloring Book (Artcraft)(1968) b&w,
sqr.bnd.s/c comic strip art, fn 6.95

Vincent Price Pictorial Tribute (fanzine)
(Movie-House Pub.)(1972) Gary Levinson
b&w, over 100 photos, fn/vf 24.95

Tim Vigil Artworks 1976-1990 (Rebel Studios)
(1991)(8.95cv) b&w graphic novel, signed
"Tim Vigil 92", vg/fn 12.95

Block Mania (Titan)(1984)(7.95cv) 64pg.b&w
Judge Dredd graphic novel, vf/nm 7.95

Judge Dredd 3 (Titan)(1984)(8.95cv) 
80pg.b&w graphic novel, vf/nm 7.95

Steve Ditko Reader (Pure Imagination)(2002)
(25.00cv) 160pg.b&w s/c, vf/nm 17.95

Kerry Drake Book.1 (Blackthorne Pub.)(1986)
(6.95cv) 72pg.b&w strip rpts, vf/nm 5.95

Elfquest Book 4 (Starblaze Graphics)(1984)
(12.95cv) 170pg.color Wendy Pini, nm 8.95

Mercenary 2, The (NBM)(1985)
(7.95cv) color painted art, h/c vf 5.95

Lone Ranger & Tonto, The (Topps)(1995)
(9.95cv) color tpb, Truman art, vf/nm 6.95

Archie Americana Series Best of the Forties
book 2 (Archie)(2002)(10.95cv) 96pg.color tpb
stys from Laugh Comics #21-36, nm 9.95

Rover From Gasoline Alley (Tribune Media)
(1984)(5.95cv) 72pg.b&w, tpb, nm 5.95

Marvels (Marvel)(2001)(19.95cv) 5th prt.,
rpts. Marvel #0-4, Alex Ross art, vf/nm 12.95

Superman/Batman: Alternate Histories (DC)
(1994)(14.95cv) Elseworlds tpb, Alcatena,
Byrne, Ramos, Staton art, fn/vf 8.95

Magnificent Superheroes of Comics Golden
Age (Vintage Features)(1979)(5.00cv) 128pg.
b&w, 12 stys, Shield, Capt. Battle, Daredevil,
Web, Blue Bolt, Hangman, Wizard, vf 12.95

Amazing Stories v.25 #8 Aug.1951 (Ziff-Davis)
b&w sci-fi pulp, gd/vg 8.95

Official Batman Batbook (Contemporary Books)
(1986)(9.95cv) 172pg.b&w w/8pg.color, TV series
episode guide + 1966 movie, vf 14.95

House of Horror, The (Lorrimer)(1984)(8.95cv)
complete story of Hammer Films, rpt. 144pg. 
b&w w/8pg.color, vf/nm 14.95

The Film Journal #5 Art of the Horror Film
v.2#2 (Thomas Atkins)(1973) over-sized 9x12"
88pg. stapled, b&w, heavy-stock cv.,
Alex Toth cv. art, vg/fn9 14.95

Uncanny Tales v.2#14 Feb.1942 (Adam Pub.) b&w 7x10" Canadian pulp, color 
Vampire cv. by Wilf Long, vg7 49.95

Miss Fury (Archival Press)(1979) Tarpe Mills,
8x11" b&w, 64pg., square-bound, 
(3.95cv) heavy-stock cv., vg10 11.95

The Best of Nightmare and Psycho (Solson)
(1999)(19.95cv) 64pg. b&w illustrated 
horror, The Heap & more, fn/vf10 8.95

Deadman Book Two (DC)(2001)(14.99cv)
new cvs by Neal Adams, rpts B&B #79,86,
Strange Adventures #214-216, Aquaman
#50-52, Challengers/Unknown #74 all
Neal Adams Deadman, 1st prt, vf 9.95

Magebook Vol.1(Comico)(1985)(8.95cv) 1st prt
Matt Wagner, color trade paperback, vf 5.95

Savage Land, The (Marvel)(1987)(5.95cv)
rpts Marvel Fanfare #1-4, X-Men, Golden,
Cockrum, Paul Smith art, 1st prt, fn/vf 5.95

Star Wars Return of the Jedi (Random House)
(1983)(4.95cv) 6x8 70pg. color photos, 
large print, h/c, Elizabeth Levy kids 
movie adapt, 1st print, fn 7.95

Star Wars: the Clone Wars Character 
Encyclopedia (DK Pub.)(2010)(16.95cv)
208pg. 7x9 h/c color, vg 8.95

1975 Comic Art Convention Book (Phil 
Seuling) 5x8 80pg. b&w, sqr.bnd.
Silver Surfer cv by Kirby, vf 19.95

1977 Comic Art Convention Book (Phil 
Seuling)(3.00cv) 8x11 96pg. b&w, sqr.bnd.
Wrightson Swamp Thing cv, pin-up pgs by
Adams, Brunner, Nasser, Simonson, Cardy,
Kirby, John Buscema, Morrow, Jeff Jones,
Rogers, Romita, Staton, Gil Kane & more,
6pg. Wrightson article, vf 24.95

1978 Comic Art Convention Book (Phil 
Seuling)(3.00cv) 8x11 63pg. b&w, stpd.
J.Jones/Kaluta/B.Smith/Wrightson cv, 
pin-up pgs by Byrne, Ken Barr, Austin, Vess
& more, 9pg.The Studio article, 
1pg.Vixen (pre-dates 1st appear) fn/vf 14.95

Cartooning With The Simpsons (Harper
Perennial)(1993)(12.95cv) Matt Groening,
8x11 36pg. color, stpd, vg 9.95

Whos Afraid of Godzilla? (Random House)
(1998)(3.25cv) 8x8 28pg. color stpd. s/c
Di Kaiju sty, Bob Eggleton art, vg 5.95

Masters of the Universe: Skeletors Flower 
of Power (Golden Book)(1985) 8x10 
41pg.color h/c, fn/vf 12.95

Princess of Power: She-Ra (Golden Book)
(1985) 8x10 41pg. color h/c, vg 5.95

Planet Comics (Blue Dolphin Ent.)(1984)
(5.95cv) 7x10 72pg. b&w, sqr.bnd. Auro, 
Fero, Buzz, Nelson Cole, Red Comet,
Flint Baker rpts, vf/nm 4.95

American Flagg!: Hard Times (First)(1985)
(1195cv) 8x11 approx.100pg. sqr.bnd. color
s/c, Howard Chaykin art, vf 8.95

Grendel: Devil by the Deed (Comico)(1986)
(5.95cv) 8x11 approx. 52pg. sqr.bnd. color
s/c, Matt Wagner, Alan Moore intro, vf 11.95

Batman, a Death in the Family (DC)(1988)
(3.95cv) 1st print, rpts #426-429, Starlin sty,
Aparo art, vg/fn 5.95

Brian Michael Bendis: 10 Years at Marvel
trade paperback (Marvel)(2009)(34.99cv) 
1st print, rpts 10 comics featuring Avengers,
Spider-Man, Alias, Daredevil & more plus 
new art/stys & pin-ups, 200+ pgs, fn/vf 12.95

Rising Stars: Power v.2 trade paperback
(Image)(2002)(19.95cv) 1st prt, 190pg.
J. Michael Straczynski sty rpts, vg 5.95

Star Trek: the Next Generation The Star
Lost trade paperback (DC)(1993)(14.95cv)
1st prt, rpts #20-24, fn/vf 5.95

Angel & Faith v.1 Live Through This trade 
paperback (Dark Horse)(2012)(17.99cv)
Season 9, 1st prt, fn 6.95

Angry Christ Comix v.1 trade paperback
(Sirius)(1994)(12.95cv) 142 pgs, b&w, 1st prt,
Joseph Michael Linsner, fn/vf 9.95

Star Trek the Enterprise Logs v.3 trade
paperback (Golden Press)(1976)(1.95cv)
rpts 60s original #18-26 + 4 new pgs. by
McWilliams, 224pg.color, vg 9.95

Star Trek 30 Years Special Collectors Edition
(Paramont)(1996)(9.99cv) 168pg. color 
w/giant map intact/attached, fn/vf 5.95

Art of John Byrne volume 1 (SQ Prod.)(1980)
(5.95cv) 64pg.s/c square-bound, magazine-
sized, sketches & rare artwork, fn/vf10 19.95

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (DC)(1986)
(12.95cv) trade paperback, 150+pg. Frank
Miller, 1st prt, vf 29.95

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (DC)(1986)
(12.95cv) trade paperback, 150+pg. Frank
Miller, 7th prt, fn/vf 11.95

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns trade
paperback (Warner)(1986)(12.95cv) 
2nd print, 224pg. color, Frank Miller classic
w/28pg. new material, Warner Books cv,
w/Alan Moore introduction, s/c vf 17.95

Watchmen trade paperback (DC)(1987)
(14.95cv) 1st print, about 400pgs. color,
Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic w/extras,
s/c vf/nm 39.95

Forrest J Ackerman, Famous Monsters of 
Filmland (Imagine)(1986)(10.95cv) 1st edition,
1st print, 151pg. s/c, vf/nm 39.95

Horrors of Hammer (RGM Prod.)(1984)
(16.75cv) 131pg.b&w, by Robert Marrero,
1st edition, s/c vf/nm 29.95

History of the DC Universe (DC)(1988)
(35.00cv) limited edition hardcover, Perez art, 
100+pgs.color, slipcv vf/nm, hc nm 29.95

Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest 
(Grove Press)(1968)(1.50cv) square-bound
graphic novel adapts movie, Jane Fonda
photo cv, 1st paperback ed, nm 39.95

Star Blazers Vol.1 (Yamato) (Books Nippan)
(1983) 164pg. color adaptation taken from 
original animation cels, fn 7.95

Science Fiction Gold (McGraw-Hill)(1979)
(7.95cv) film classics of the 50s by Dennis
Saleh, forword by Ray Harryhausen,
192pg. b&w, vg 6.95

Who Goes There? 1950s Horror & Sci-Fi
Movie Posters & Lobby Cards Vol.17 (Bruce
Hershenson)(2001)(20.00cv) approx.80pg.
Color auction book, 260 photos, vf 7.95

The World Encyclopedia of Comics (Avon)
(1977)(10.00cv) 1st paperback edition,
edited by Maurice Horn, 
784pg. b&w + some color, gd 15.95

The Night Stalker Companion: A 25th 
Anniversary Tribute (Pomegranate Press)
(1997)(19.95cv) by Mark Dawidziak,
7x10, 207pg. b&w, notes penned in
margins of 5pgs o/w fn 6.95

Modesty Blaise: The Hell-Makers (Titan)(1986)
(9.95cv) 96pgs of strip reprints, vf/nm 5.95

Batman: Official Book of the Movie (Bantam)
(1989)(7.95cv) 96pg color, fn/vf 4.95

The PreHistory of THE FAR SIDE: A 10th
Anniversary Exhibit by Gary Larson 
(Andrews & McNeel) (2nd prt - 1990) 
288pg. b&w & some color, s/c - fn/vf 9.95

The Study of Star Trek Autographs 
(Universal Autographs Collectors Club)(1994) 
Al Wittnebert, 8x11, 32pg. b&w, 100s of 
signatures from various years, vf 11.95

Star Trek Worlds of the Federation (Pocket
Books)(1989)(11.95cv) Shane Johnson, 
8x11 156pg. b&w, part color, vf/nm 12.95

Star Trek Puzzle Manual (Bantam)(1976)
(5.95cv) James Razzi, 8x11 128pg. b&w
s/c puzzles, mazes, trivia, nothing marked 
or filled in, vg/fn 19.95

Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual
(Ballantine) Nov.1975, 1st Edition
s/c w/plastic dust jacket fn 19.95

Greenberg's Guide to Star Trek Collectibles
w/Values (1996) slick pages, 50% color, s/c
v.1 A-E 190 pg. nm 12.95
v.2 F-Postcards 172 pg. nm 12.95 
v.3 Posters-Z 192 pg. nm 12.95

Star Trek Collectibles, House of Collectibles Price Guide to... 
(1996) 4th ed. 261pg. s/cby Cornwell/Kott, 
5,000+ prices nm 16.95 

Star Trek Concordance (Ballantine)(1976)
(25137) Bjo Trimble, index wheel in cover,
256pg. s/c fn 26.95

the Star Trek Encyclopedia: a Reference 
Guide to the Future (Pocket)(1997) 631pg.color, 
updated & expanded ed. by Okuda
incredibly comprehensive, no dust jacket.
exterior h/c has stains but interior OK 15.95

Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual
(Star Fleet Productions)(May,1977)
Eileen Palestine. rare pre-Ballantine
fan edition. cream cover fn 44.95 

Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual
(Ballantine)(Oct,1977) Eileen Palestine
1st Ballantine edition, blue cover, 8x11
159pg. b&w, fn 24.95

Star Wars (Random House)(2004)(6.26cv)
6x8 69pg. h/c color photos, large print
Larry Weinberg kids adapt 1977 movie, fn 4.95

Sisterhood of Steel (Eclipse)(1987)(8.95cv)
8x11 72pg. sqr.bnd. color s/c
Peter Ledger art, vf 5.95

Fortunes Friends: Hell Week (Starblaze)
(1986)(6.95cv) Collen Doran art, nm 3.95

Sci-Fi Now: 10 Exciting Years of Sci-Fi, 
2001 to Star Wars (late 60s to late 70s)
(Octopus)(1978) by Alan Frank, 
over-sized, 80pg. mostly color, gd/vg 3.50

Science Fiction Movies (Gallery)(1984) by
Gregory B Richards, 80pg. b&w/color,
hardcover- vf, dust jacket fn 4.95

Star Trek Pop-Up: Giant in the Universe
(Random House)(1977) short story (for kids)
told with 4 pop-ups, hardcover vg 2.95

Making of the X-Files Fight the Future (Harper)
(1998)(18.00cv) 128pg color, vg/fn 4.95

the X-Files Ground Zero (Harper)(1995)
(20.00cv) 290pg h/c novel Kevin J Anderson,
book nm, slipcover fn 4.95

the X-Files: Book of the Unexplained Vol.1 
(Harper)(1995)(18.95cv) 340pg Jane Goldman
color photos w/paranormal history, vg 4.95

X-Files Confidential: Unauthorized X-Philes 
Compendium (Little, Brown)(1996)(14.95cv)
277pg Ted Edwards, fn 4.95

X-Files Confidential: Unauthorized X-Philes 
Compendium Revised Edition (Little, Brown)
(1997)(15.95cv) 320pg Ted Edwards,
fn 5.95

Unofficial X-Files Companion Vol.3 
(MacMillan)(1997) 213pg N.E. Genge, fn 4.95

Unauthorized X-Files (MJF)(1996) 
309pg h/c James Hatfield & George Burt 
book nm, slipcover fn 3.95

Official Guide to the X-Files Vol. 5: The End 
and the Beginning (Harper)(2000)(16.95cv) 
300pg Andy Meisler, fn/vf 5.95

Unauthorized X-Cyclopedia: Definitive 
Reference Guide to the X-Files (Kensington)
(1997)(15.00cv) 402pg James Hatfield &
George Burt, fn 4.95

Trek Celebration 2 (Pioneer Books)(1994)
(14.95cv) James Van Hise, 
166pg. 8x11 b&w s/c, vg 5.95

Star Trek: Ashes of Eden (Pocket)(1995)
(23.00cv) 309pg novel by William Shatner,
h/c book nm, slipcover vg 4.95